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Originally released in an edition of 79 on Ruralfaune in 2009. Mar'ah is a warm coat that you've had for years with notes in the pockets from friends you don't know anymore, it's a rainy day at the airport watching people waiting for their lives to resume, it's Hebrew for mirror and for vision (as in to have a), it's a pillow heavy with old dreams, it's Joe Hicks singing if it feels good it's alright, it's sunlight through the window across a slow afternoon, it's Arabic for the woman, it's threadbare tape hiss florescent hum and jackdaws in leafless trees, it's a half-remembered song bound to something she once whispered, it's a sullen Sunday morning with your headphones on and your quilt around your shoulders, it's frost on the window and the blood like black syrup in the chest and it feels so good inside yourself don't wanna move.


released July 27, 2013

d. siegel: voices, telephone anamolies
d. bauler: oud, banjo, akai ax80, arp 2600, sleep generator, chord organ, wurlitzer theater organ, function generators, pure data, audiomulch, teraphim recording array, medication, voices
a. larson: cover sculpture, photography




Darren Bauler Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Drones built and prepared by hand, the old-fashioned way, delivered directly to your head. Formerly known as Midwest Death Cult (until I left the midwest), Delexnos hosts the albums of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate and related bands.

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