Suffer A Witch To Live

by Medroxy Progesterone Acetate

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Somewhere beneath the city the Sewage Priest haunts the storm tunnel ossuary he has built from the bones of those who were once members of the revitalization technicians and witch-hunters The Cult of the Final Wisdom, having ransacked libraries, storage lockers, dumpsters and graves across the Midwest to assemble the tools necessary to complete his great work: the extermination of Vons Serin, the black-thighed witch, and her earth-form servant Shabriri Solehn, mistress of blindness, broadcasting her pornographic jeremiads from a location he has yet to find. Tormented by years of failure, from his dismissal from seminary due to research beyond the pale of both the church and the state, from his experiments in drug abuse and self-hypnosis in an attempt to cure himself of what he believes to be deep-level neural programming, from his homeless wandering the underworld of the city, collecting his mission equipment through scavenging and theft, from the infiltration of his dreams by visions of the Solehn sisters, he prepares for the cessation of his torment by the revival of The Fourfold Erasure System in order to remove his nymphomaniacal adversaries not simply from end-of-time, but from time entirely, before the corrosion in his mind destroys his last chance at peace.

This album is the first in the Crow Hill trilogy.


released May 24, 2013

Darren Bauler: some of the junk
April Larson: the rest of the junk




Darren Bauler Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Drones built and prepared by hand, the old-fashioned way, delivered directly to your head. Formerly known as Midwest Death Cult (until I left the midwest), Delexnos hosts the albums of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate and related bands.

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